Resource Center

The Mercersburg Association Resource Center is located at First United Church of Christ, 30 North Pitt Street in Carlisle.

Resources are available for Sunday School, Lent, Advent, prayer, family and more.

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The contents of our Resource Center are now available online through the Penn Central Conference website at

To access our Resource Center:

1. Click on the black “Go” button.

2. Click on the drop-down menu beside “All Home Locations” and choose “Mercersburg”, then click the black “Select” button.

3. You can scroll down through the list of resources or narrow down your choices using the additional drop-down menus.

4. When you reserve a resource, an e-mail will automatically be sent to Rev. Rachel Schwab, our Resource Consultant. You can visit the Resource Center to pick up the resource at First Church, or Rachel will mail the resource to you, or make arrangements to meet you in person. Please return the resource by mail, using the same mailing envelope, in one month (contrary to what the website may say when you reserve it).

You can send Rachel  a message about the Resource Center at

A HUGE Thank you to Vicky Craley from New Hope Landisburg for completing the data entry to make this project possible! Vicki volunteered many hours on this, and did a wonderful job!!!